What Length Spinning Rod Should I Get: Ideal Rod Length Angler Approved

Spinning rods are the main tool for fishing. It has now become the most commonly produced equipment in the fishing industry. Usually, spinning rods are longer but there are many key factors why we should choose the fishing rod length accordingly. 

It is important to consider what length fishing rod is appropriate for you in categorizing various spinning rod lengths. This article will tell you some of the things you will need to know about what length of spinning rod you should use.

How are the spinning rod lengths categorized?

Spinning rods are classified into various lengths and different measurements. The longer and shorter range of 4 feet 9 inches to 12 feet 5 inches.

The length of a spinning rod is estimated from the rod’s tip to the bottom butt of the rod or handle.

Effect of the length on a spinning rod

The most obvious part of the spinning rod is its length. The length of fishing rod has great impact on casting a longer or shorter distance, the accuracy of the rod, and hook set leverage. 

For example:

  • Rods that are longer will cast further with the same power and action, whereas those that are shorter will cast with greater accuracy.
  • The longer rods give them more leverage on the hook set, and it takes more line while swinging the rod. At the same time, the shorter rods cast the tight fish that covers like a dock and brush.

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What length of the spinning rod is better for casting?

Spinning rods are available in multiple lengths, and choosing the best length is an actual task. The longer rods are best for casting long distances, while the shorter rods are better for casting short distances. 

Both the lengths of spinning rods are described separately as follows:

1. Long length spinning rods

The longer rods are also selected based on the type of fish species you need to cast, the fishing environment, and the casting distance

  1. The lengthier fishing rods, almost 7 feet to 14 feet, are best for covering more water and casting deep fishing. 
  2. Longer rods cast far for fish, but they are hard to maneuver.
  3. On the other hand, the longer rods are better for top water fish. 
  4. You have to throw the lure, and the longer rods will cast a longer distance and catch more fish.

2. Short length spinning rods

The short length spinning rods cast shorter distances. 

  1. Rods of shorter length are ideal for fighting an aggressive fish. 
  2. The shorter rods are more accurate, ranging from 4 feet to 6 feet 5 inches
  3. They have the least bending capacity and help in fighting with fish. 
  4. They are easy to handle, and you have a complete charge on throwing the line in a limited area. 
  5. Therefore the shorter rods are more powerful and help cast the line more accurately.

What length of spinning rod should I get?

Spinning rods come in different sizes, the longer ones, and the shorter ones. Before getting any rod, you must look at your height and rod length. There is a direct relationship between the angler’s height and the rod length. 

Hope you become aware of all the categories and characteristics of a fishing rod. Let’s move on to the best spinning rod length for you, and you should consider getting it.

The experts recommended a spinning rod with a length of 7 feet. They consider it the most valuable and all-rounder rod for casting. This length of the rod maintains the balance and distance of the casting. 

It is easier to handle than extra-long and short rods. It keeps the line accurate and benefits the angler. The 7 feet long spinning rod fulfills the need for casting on freshwater and underwater fish species. 

It is easy to control and provides a good experience. So, we have elaborated on different reasons and suggestions. It will be helpful for you in searching for the best length spinning rod that you should get. 


The length of the spinning rod is the most important part of the fishing rod. It maintains the accuracy, casting distance, and balance of the rod. The control also depends on the fishing rod’s length. 

Therefore, we have compiled some of the best information regarding the fishing rod length that a beginner should buy. We have elaborated a few rod length ranges and their roles while casting. 

Hope you will get your answer after reading this and find out the length of the spinning rod that you should get.

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