What Is A Trolling Rod Used For: 5 Minuet Guide To Perfection

Trolling is quite different and a unique technique. It creates an adventure for the anglers in a moving boat.

Before selecting a troll fishing rod, it is best that you get a comprehensive knowledge of them. In this blog you will learn what is a trolling rod used for.

Once you learn the key characteristics for using a trolling rod, it will be fun and a pleasure for you to have this tool. 

What is a trolling rod used for?

Trolling is a different and unique activity to cast the fish. It is used for different purposes and the type of fish that you want to cast. 

Two of the most common ways in which the troll rods are used as:

  1. For freshwater trolling
  2. For saltwater trolling

1. Trolling fishing rods used for freshwater trolling

Trolling rods majorly depend on the fish species that you need or want to catch. It is used for freshwater trolling and for this purpose these rods are stiffer

The stiffness of the rods gives the power to cast the lures from the moving water. And provide resistance to pull the heavy fish from the running water. 

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2. Trolling fishing rods used for saltwater trolling

Saltwater trolling is another way in which we use troll fishing rods effectively. The saltwater trolling rods help in casting the larger fish. The strong and stiffer rods are used for saltwater fish because the saltwater trolling is done in the high speed movement of water. 

In troll fishing, we usually use rod holders for holding the rod. When a fish hooks with the rod, it immediately signals the angler. Therefore, rods for trolling has special lines. The line guides with rollers that help in reducing the friction when fighting large fish.

Ideally, we use troll fishing rods to cast the smaller fish species. These rods are designed with turbo guides and are lighter in weight. They significantly help in casting the smaller fish.

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Key characteristics of a troll fishing rod

Trolling rod is an eccentric fishing rod used to troll the fish from the moving water. More than two lines with lure or bait are dragged behind a moving boat. 

Some of the key points for a better understanding of trolling fishing rods are as follows:

  • It uses specific trolling leads, diving lures, and surface lures to cast the fish. 
  • The weight of the troll rod is classified into medium weight, medium-heavy weight and heavyweight.
  • The trolling rod can weigh the big fish against the moving boat.   
  • This rod reaches a certain depth and targets the fish.
  • You can use them to cast in big lake fishing, ocean fishing and pond fishing. 
  • It helps in catching heavy fish such as tuna and salmon.

What is the extra long length of troll rod used for?

Trolling fishing rods are longer in length, but some are extra long. An expert uses the extra long length trolling rods to target the salmon or tuna. 

The extra long length of the rod provides a wide extension of lines and helps in spreading under the water. It is also necessary to prevent the extra long line from tangling around the motor. However, it is good for trolling far distances. 

Is trolling rod used as a good way to troll the fish?

Troll rods provide an effective way of using rods to troll the fish as they are designed specifically to cast heavy fish behind the moving boat.

 It particularly covers more water and casts far distance. It trolls the fish by using the walking baits, crankbaits, deep diving crankbaits and other power fishing baits. 

Why do anglers choose trolling rods to troll fish?

There are many other fishing rods available in fair or long lengths. But to troll, only trolling rods are best. Anglers choose the trolling fishing rods because they can draw different lines and catch consistent bites. 

These rods are easy to handle on boats, and rod holders support the multiple lines and help catch the various fish species at a time. 

Final Remarks

Trolling fishing rods are quite impressive and productive rods for trolling technique. It gives the anglers an adventure to enjoy fishing from the moving boats. 

The trolling becomes easy when you put the lines into the water and hold the fishing rods into the holders. In his article, we share our experience of using the troll rods in freshwater trolling and saltwater trolling. 

We hope our experience will be productive for your next plan. And it helps you in finding the various uses of trolling rods to troll the fish.

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