What Are Telescopic Rods For Fishing: Features & Main Parts

Anglers and fishermen are always in a hurry to plan for fishing. They travel to random places and explore the fish. Most anglers or fishers choose the product that enables them to move more easily and is portable. They enthusiastically manage the plan and implement it within a short time.

That’s why we came up with the idea of preventing anglers from packing and managing seats for their rods.  In this guide you will learn what are telescopic rods along with its main parts and notable features.

What are telescopic rods? 

A telescopic fishing rod belong to an advanced type of fishing rods. They are very thin and have a one-piece rod. These rods are collapsible, portable, and you can carry them with ease. Telescopic rods are best at casting the fish from rivers, lakes, ponds, and near saltwater shores.

They are designed as lightweight rods with moderate to slow action. And you can customize the length of the telescope as per your requirement. When you need a long casting rod, then extend the rod by gently pulling the rod from the handle. And vice versa, you can adjust the length by pushing the rod from the handle.

Telescopic rods fit inside the rod and possibly extend and expand. These rods are strong and durable and you can use them for smaller, medium, and larger fish species.

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Main parts of a telescopic fishing rod

Telescopic rods work the same as the other fishing rods. But it is quite famous because of its portability. Depending on your needs, they can cast long-distance and short-distance. Some of the main parts of a telescopic fishing rod are: 

  1. Units of the telescopic rods or blanks
  2. Spinning reel
  3. Reel seat
  4. Handle the rod
  5. Metal eyes on line guides

What are the features of telescopic rods?

Telescopic fishing rods play a vital role in fishing. Different features make them more suitable for fishing. 

Some of the features of the telescopic fishing rod are:

  1. Adjustable length
  2. Ceramic line guides
  3. Non-slip or resistant rod
  4. The comfortable handle of the rod
  5. The wide and sturdy reel seat
  6. Storage bag or carrier bag
  7. Available at a low price

These are the features of the telescopic fishing rod that make it more useful and valuable.

Material of a telescopic rod

Telescopic rods are made from high-quality materials that makes them stronger and more durable. The prime collection of material in the construction of telescopic fishing rods is as follows:

  1. Carbon
  2. Graphite
  3. Fiberglass material

The composition of these three materials made the telescopic rods anti-resistant, durable and non-breakable. 

Are telescopic rods good for fishing?

Telescopic fishing rods are suitable for fishing because they possess all the qualities of a best fishing rod. They can cast small fish at a short distance, such as trout, panfish, and bass. 

You can adjust the rod length by extending it and casting long distances for heavy fish species.

These rods are available in medium to slow action, suitable for all fish species. These are lightweight rods but target the fish with lures appropriately.

What are the main things that make the telescopic rods reusable?

Telescopic rods are lightweight and thin in shape along with. They are more flexible and sensitive. They need proper care to use them again. Some of the particular features make the telescopic rods reusable.

These are:

  1. Clean the rod after using it for fishing
  2. Prevent the metallic parts from rusting
  3. Wash the rod in warm water
  4. Wipe the rod dry
  5. Store them in a clean carrier bag after dry

After properly cleaning and storing the rod from dust, sand particles, and water droplets, you can reuse the rod any time for fishing.

Final Thoughts

The telescopic rods are compact, lightweight, luggage friendly, and easy to transport. These rods are excellent choices for seasoned anglers or fishermen.

You can fit the rods or carrier bag in the car without difficulty and go fishing anytime. To arrange the rods inside, there is no need for packing or tricks. They help in casting both freshwater and saltwater fish species.

The rods are easy to use and make fishing possible. We will explain everything about the telescopic fishing rod for fishing and hope it will be helpful to you when planning a last-minute fishing trip.