What Is a trolling fishing rod – Complete Trolling Rod guide

As we know, fishing has many methods, and trolling is included in one of them. While troll fishing, we have one or more fishing lines, baits with lures, and bait fish drawn into the water. 

The anglers typically switch trolling fishing while moving from a boat, ship, or water transport.

Troll fishing involves the complete set of multiple lines with either baits or lures. 

When you decide on troll fishing, trolling fishing rods are mandatory for this type of fishing. Trolling a fishing rod helps catch the fish from both freshwater and saltwater.

Trolling fishing rods have many types of. This trolling rod guide will help you understand troll fishing and its characteristics.

What is a Trolling Fishing Rod?

Trolling is an exciting fishing technique; troll rods allow you to catch fish rapidly from the water. Once you learn how to use the trolling rods, it boosts your fishing skills.

Trolling fishing rods are more significant than other fishing rods and normally range between 5 to 9 feet long.

As other fishing rods have various categories and effectiveness in performing the fishing activity, the trolling fishing rods are also designed to provide great assistance to troll fish. 

You can enjoy fishing with greater ease since these rods have slotted butt ends. These butt ends can be placed or worn around the fishermen’s waist and can be gimballed sockets in a fishing chair.

There are two other distinctions regarding trolling fishing rods which are as follows:

  • The straight butt rods
  • Bent butt rods

1. The Straight Butt Rods

The rod with a straight butt, easy for fishing, is the most frequent question of an angler. Let’s see what this is meant for. 

The straight butt rods are used for stand up fishing. Many people prefer straight butt rods because it makes it easy to hook the fish out. 

They are easier to store and almost occupy small space for storage. They are mostly used to troll tuna, marlin, and other big fish species. 

It works best in stand up fishing. These rods are used in the class of lighter trolling rods. They deviate from the 12 Ib to the 50 Ib. 

These rods are round, about 6 feet long, and come with a rod harness. They are easier to travel as compared to curved butt rods. 

2. Bent Butt Rods

These trolling fishing rods are designed to be used with fighting chairs. It helps the anglers put less effort, and all the effort is released from the end of the rod to the point where fishermen apply the load from the harness through the reel. 

It is best for young anglers or children because it requires less effort and can easily work to deal with a heavy drag system. 

Straight Butt Rods vs Bent Butt Rods

  1. The straight butt rods are for stand up fishing, while bent butt rods are for fighting out a rod holder.
  2. The straight butt is used on a waist belt or slip-on cushion, while the bent butt is used as a low belt.
  3. The straight butt rods keep the reel higher, while bent butt rods make you fight the rod.
  4. The tip of a straight butt rod is closer, while the tip of the bent butt rod is further away.
  5. The straight butt rods are lighter, but the bent rods help sustain the heavy drag system. 
  6. The straight butt rods are best for big sized tuna, and merlin, whereas the bent butt rods are best for kids, children, and young anglers. 
  7. The straight butt rods are easy to store, whereas the bent butt rods are easy to deal without leaning on for casting. 
  8. The straight butt rods are used for all trolling fish, whereas the bent butt rods are best for heavy fish and light fish trolls. 

What are the features of Reels for Trolling Fishing Rod?

The trolling reel for trolling rod has many features, as follows:

  1. The reel provides a high line capacity for the fish, so it can run even if it seems impossible to stop it.
  2. It provides a powerful and adjustable drag mechanism that measures a running fish’s resistance and helps estimate how to tackle the fish.
  3. The spinning reel or casting reel works best to perform trolling fishing. 
  4. The trolling fishing rod is paired up with many other fishing reels and works accordingly to retrieve heavy or lighter fish. 

What are the specifications for the Trolling Fishing Rod?

The knowledge of trolling fishing rods increases your fishing experience. It requires a few things to explain the trolling rod clearly.

The troll rod has some specifications that make it more reliable and valuable than other fishing rods. 

You must be aware of all specifications because it helps in choosing the best trolling fishing rod. Some of the details regarding trolling fishing rods are:

  • Length of the trolling fishing rod
  • The durability of the rod
  • Handle of the rod
  • Action of the rod

1. Length of the Trolling Fishing Rod

The length of the trolling rod is the most vital spec for better selection. The rod’s length describes the rod’s versatility, and the trolling fishing rods are typically longer than other fishing rods.

It helps in casting a longer distance and easily catches the fish. It is available in a minimum length of 5 feet and the maximum length of 10 feet. 

You can easily choose the length of the trolling rod according to your choice or selection. 

Tip: If you select the rod length according to your height, it will benefit from the great 

performance of trolling and handling casting. 

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2. The durability of the rod

The durability of the rod describes the standard performance of the rod. These rods are designed to meet the standards of fishing rods. 

That includes a variety of shapes, sizes, strengths, and toughness. Every trolling rod is designed differently to catch different fish species. 

With the help of a trolling fishing rod, it is easy to catch any fish using the trolling technique. So the durability of the trolling fishing rod helps you to understand all the significant components of the trolling rod. 

3. Handle of the rod

The rod handle is another essential feature of the trolling rod, as trolling fishing is mainly performed by boats or moving ships. 

So the handle of the rod must be comfortable enough to hold. Therefore, the trolling fishing rod handles provide the comfort and grip that keeps you away from harm, pain, and injury.

The various rods have different handles, and it is up to you which you want to select. The handles are made of EVA foam, cork, and carbon fiber.

Handle, and its grip is crucial for all. If you are looking to buy a trolling rod, it is important that you look to get complete information about it. 

The handle information is one of them to be checked before buying a trolling rod. 

4. The action of the rod

The action and power of the trolling fishing rod are the most critical thing, and it has the flexibility to perform even under significant pressure. 

It specifically helps bend the rod to an extent where you can easily catch fish. Usually, the trolling rods vary from light to heavy action

For example, trolling rods for saltwater usually have medium to heavy action. By using this rod action, you can also catch big fish. 

The rod’s action plays a vital role in retrieving big or small size fish species. So it would be best if you took brief notice of the action of the trolling rod before trolling fish. 


Trolling fishing is a technique just like other fishing techniques. It is done by moving a ship or boat and putting a lure in the water.

The trolling fishing rods are differentiated from the other fishing rods by the length of the rods. The minimum length of the fishing rod will range from 5 feet to the maximum length of 10 feet.

It has various properties or specifications that make it reliable and valuable for trolling fishing. The length, durability, action, handle of the rods, and material are also included.

The trolling fishing rod helps catch both saltwater fish and freshwater fish. A fighting chair allows you to catch fish with ease and comfort by providing extending butts and supporting the fishing rod.

As a result, troll rods are specifically designed for trolling fishing and are effective for reeling in all types of fish. 

We hope this trolling fishing guide will help you understand the fundamental concept of trolling fishing rods and their basic properties. 

It will truly help you perform trolling or choose a trolling rod for your next trolling experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good length for a trolling rod?

Usually, the trolling rods are longer. They give you versatile lengths for all types of fishing. Anyhow the most versatile lengths of the trolling rods are started from 6.5 feet to 9 feet. 

What is the action rod best for trolling?

The action of the trolling rod plays an essential role in the bending capacity and catching of fish. The moderate to fast action of trolling rods are highly recommended for better casting and retrieval of good sized fish. 

What makes a trolling rod a trolling rod?

The speed, size, and capacity of a fishing rod to cast the line from a moving boat or ship make the trolling rods best for trolling fish. You can quickly move the lure with the speed of the ship via trolling rods. 

What is a trolling rod used for?

The trolling rods are the best category for casting fish from moving boats. Using trolling rods, you can easily troll the lures and baits along with the water’s motion and the boat’s speed. 

Which reel is best for trolling fishing rods?

The trolling fishing rods work best, along with the trolling reels. But you can troll the fish by pairing up the spinning reel with trolling rods. For this combo, you just have to choose the spinning reel according to the trolling rod. The rigors of trolling and other factors are essential before choosing it. 

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