Telescopic Fishing Rod Vs 2 Piece: Benefits And Differences

Telescopic fishing rods are good for travelling because of their portability. In this guide you will about telescopic fishing rod vs 2 piece, their benefits and differences along with other useful information. Let’s jump on to it.

What are single piece telescopic fishing rods?

Single-piece or one-piece telescopic fishing rods are best because of their compatibility, versatility and flexibility. They are collapsible and available in small sizes. The length of the rod is adjustable so that you can collapse the 16 feet rod into the 2 feet length. 

With single piece telescopic rods, we can cast all types of fish species from freshwater and saltwater. These rods are portable and easy to carry anywhere. They are durable and convenient to use.

What are 2 piece fishing rods?

Two-piece fishing rods consist of two separate pieces that can join together to make one. We can assemble or insert them by using a plug method. 

2 piece rods become two parts again after disassembling the rod. They are also very convenient, easy to carry and travel along with lightweight, versatile, durable, user-friendly and have excellent grip. 

Beginners, anglers, and fishermen will find these rods ideal for their fishing experience.

What is the difference between the telescopic rod and two-piece fishing rod?

The telescopic fishing rods and the two-piece fishing rods have common differences. Both rods are compact and easy to transport. However, there are more differences between telescopic and two-piece rods. 

The differences in the composition of these rods are:

Telescopic rods2 piece rods
Telescopic rods are compact and easily adjust to the desired length.2 piece rods are assembled and disassembled to adjust the length.
These rods have no specific size and range from 6 to 12 feet.These rods are available for a maximum length of 7 to 18 feet.
They provide longer casting distance as well as short casting distance.They also come up with long casting distances and short casting distances.
They are made of fiberglass, carbon fiber and graphite material.They are made of fiberglass, carbon fiber, graphite and composite material.
This material increases the weight of the telescopic rods but makes them durable.This material increases the weight of the 2 piece rods but makes them stronger and prevents them from squeezing.
They are small and thin rods.They are thick rods.
They are sensitive and easily breakable.They are heavy and stiffer.
They are easy to use and assemble or disassemble easily.They are user-friendly and easy to use.
They are perfect for freshwater, saltwater and other water bodies.They are perfect for gripping in wet and cold weather.
They are collapsed rods but highly durable and impressive.They are durable but sometimes become sturdy and rust resistant.
They become stronger on full length performance.They are also built to withstand the weight and strengthen the line.

Telescopic fishing rod vs 2 piece

Both rods are constructed with minimal setup and are convenient to use. They provide convenient and easy-to-go options for anglers or fishers. Depending on your fishing style, they provide comfort.

What are the benefits of using a trolling and two-piece fishing rod?

trolling fishing rod has a different performance level than a two piece fishing rod. These rods are best for anglers or fishermen who want to cast for their desired fish. 

Some of the benefits of these rods include the following:

Benefits of telescopic rods

  1. These rods are lighter than 2 piece rods.
  2. They are available in various sizes.
  3. They prevent the fishing line from clinging and sagging.
  4. They are comfortable to hold.
  5. The grips are comfortable and slip-resistant.
  6. They are easy to adjust.

Benefits of 2 piece rods

  1. These rods have a folding capacity that makes them easy for traveling.
  2. There are premium quality designs and well-balanced lengths available.
  3. They provide the best performance experience.
  4. They resist the load much better.
  5. They have optimal distribution to tackle the load.
  6. Their quality and overall features are great.

Which rod is easily carried and portable? 

Both of the fishing rods are built with good quality material. They both are portable, easily carried, convenient to transport, and easy to travel. Only the rod you select depends on the predating fish you choose. 

However, both rods are easy to handle and maintain balance while casting. The difference between the trolling rod and the 2 piece rod is the weight. The trolling rods are lightweight, but 2 piece rods become very heavy while casting fish.

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Final Words

The article has discussed the major properties, differences, benefits, and the better use of telescopic fishing rods and 2 piece fishing rods. Both rods are portable, easy to carry and highly effective.

Your choice now depends on which rod you find more convenient to use. We have described all aspects of both rods and guided you on the difference between the telescopic rods vs 2 piece rods

After reading this information, we hope you will be sure which performance rod is good for you.