What Is The Difference Between A Spinning Rod And A Trolling Rod

Many anglers are already aware of different fishing rods. But the difference between these rods will enhance your knowledge and experience in casting other fish species

The selection of a proper fishing rod makes sense for productive results. Otherwise, it changes the whole perspective of fishing without affecting it. This guide will help you learn more about spinning rod vs trolling rod.

What is a spinning rod?

A spinning rod is a famous type of a rod which is best for the spinning technique. Spinning rods are longer and available in a single piece or multi-piece. These pieces combine together to make a longer spinning rod

Spinning rods comes in various styles and structures and contain high quality material. These rod works fine when we use them with a spinning reel. You can also use a spinning rod for fly fishing.

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What is a trolling rod?

Trolling rods work ideal for trolling. These rods are extra large in length and can easily cast the line into the running water. You can use a trolling rod with a spinning reel or any conventional reel.

The casting process of a trolling rod is also different from other rod types. You can cast a troll rod by putting it into the rod holder and drawing the line into the water.

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What is the difference between the spinning rod and trolling rods?

Spinning rods and trolling rods are designed separately for different fishing techniques. A spinning rod uses the spinning technique, whereas a trolling rod uses the trolling technique. 

Spinning rod vs Trolling rod table

Both rods also have some common differences, which are as follows:

Spinning rodsTrolling rods
Spinning rods are longer.Trolling rods are extra long.
They are best for spinning.They are best for trolling.
They are equipped with spinning reels.They are equipped with a spinning reel or any conventional reel. 
They are used in freshwater, saltwater, streams and lakes.They are used in rivers, seas, saltwater and moving water for casting. 
They can cast almost every type of fish.They are mostly used for bigger fish. 
They use larger guides.They use lighter guides.
They can cast small fish by using lighter lures.They can cast heavy or big fish with heavy lures.
They cast fish from deep water. They cast fish from offshore and inshore.
Fish can easily be cast by handling the rod in hands.Fishing can easily be cast by setting the rod in the rod holder.  
They used to cast tuna, bass and trout.We use them to cast marlin and crappie.
Spinning rods are versatile and target a variety of fish.Trolling rods are flexible and target the big fish. 
They are available in lighter, medium or heavy weights. They are available in medium weight, medium heavy and heavy weight. 
They have different power and action according to fish species that want to cast.They also have power and action according to the fish species.
They are best for windy conditions.They are best in any environment.
They are productive for the beginners and less experienced people. They enhance the experience of the anglers and professional fishermen. 
They are inexpensive as compared to other rods.They are expensive as compared to other rods.

spinning rod vs trolling rod table

Is trolling possible with spinning rods?

Spinning rods are longer and available in multi-pieces. The joint or assembling of these pieces will make a long rod. Then you can use them to troll the fish from offshore. 

Spinning reels can help secure the trolling rod and cast fish from moving water. Therefore, you can do troll fishing by using a spinning rod and spinning reel. 

Do spinning techniques benefit from trolling rods?

Spinner rods come with a spinning reel and are designed to be user-friendly. They are versatile and stiffer from the tip of the handle. A trolling rod can target the fish from any water body and helpful in casting all types of fish. 

Just like we use the spinning reel for trolling, we cannot use the trolling rod for spinning activity. The trolling rods are designed for an indicated purpose, so it does not benefit from the spinning technique. 

Final Thoughts

Many of the anglers plan to cast different types of fish species. They know about the basics of the fishing rod but lack differentiation from each other. 

Our goal is to explain differences for your understanding, so you can grasp the knowledge we are trying to impart to you. This article explains the difference between spinning and trolling rods in the simplest terms possible. 

We hope this will help you choose the best fishing rod for your needs. And you can easily choose between a spinning rod and a trolling rod for casting your fish species.

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