Medium Heavy Rod For Surf Fishing (Surf Rod Action & Power)

As a surf fishing enthusiast you must know about different actions and power of a rod. In previous articles, we have provided information so that you can understand more about surf fishing rods and the best rods for surf fishing. In this guide you will learn about the action and power of the fishing rod. This guide will help you understand useful information regarding medium heavy rod for surf fishing. Let’s start from here.

Is a medium heavy rod for surf fishing good?

Is a medium heavy rod good for surf fishing?

The medium-heavy rods are ideal for surf fishing since they provide the strength and lifting power needed to cast both large and small fish. 

This allows the rod to turn the fish out of the water. Heavy medium rods are versatile, sensitive, and suitable for anglers. 

They use heavier lines to fight with fish. Using a light line increased the risks of breaking the fishing line more frequently when casting a fish. 

What does the medium heavy rod mean?

The medium-heavy rod is one of the categories of surf fishing rod power. It is a combination of ultra-light power and heavy power. 

It explains how easily the surf rod bends after putting pressure on it. It strengthens the rod and works as a backbone while casting the fish. 

A medium-heavy rod can handle a heavy load, and the resistance will show bending after a few seconds of pressure. 

How are medium-heavy rods best for lure throwing?

Medium-heavy rods are best for casting lures ranging from quarter ounce to above. Rods of this type are stiffer and stronger and work well for throwing the weighted lure and casting the desired fish. 

These rods are easily bent and naturally bend while releasing the lure. Using these rods, anglers can cast the weighted lures with great sensitivity and power. 

The weighted lures bend the rod tip slightly and help in casting easily. 

How to choose the medium heavy rod?

Choosing the heavy medium rod is not a difficult task. Check the rod’s flex or bending capacity after putting some pressure. The rod’s flex will tell you about the casting power of the surf rod. 

Another thing to consider when checking the rod is that medium-heavy rods will not flex enough with light lures or lightweight baits. The rod length will provide some flex but will never work for casting long distances. 

They perform very well when weighted lures are cast long distances with medium-heavy rods. The choice of medium-heavy rods will boost the power of flipping and pitching. 

Is a medium heavy rod good for fighting with fish?

Medium-heavy rods have less flex and bending power. They are hooked tightly in the mouth of the fish, which helps pull it out. By doing so, it prevents fish from falling from the lure. 

To fight big fish, you must use heavier lines and a higher gear ratio reel. The heavier line and a higher gear ratio reel will tightly connect them. 

The tight line will help quickly pull the fish from the water. The less flex fights with aggressive fish and helps in casting more quickly. 

Is a medium heavy rod productive for surf fishing?

Surf fishing is the act of casting a line into deep water during high tides with frothy waves. Medium-heavy rods are versatile and use heavy lines. 

You can cast more fish from the shore and get productive results with these rods since they are capable of fighting and casting giant fish with precision. 

Ending Remarks

There are many power fishing rods, but our major concern is using heavy medium surf fishing rods. The medium-heavy rod is the best for all anglers because it can handle heavy waves and cast the fish well. 

Using heavy lines, heavy reels, and heavy lures is the perfect combination for a medium-heavy rod. Make your surf fishing productive by choosing the medium-heavy rod. 

In this article, we have summed up a few knowledgeable things regarding medium-heavy rods, like the bending and flex of rods for surf fishing. 

This will help you understand that the medium-heavy rod is good for surf fishing in some respects.