How Long Should A Trolling Rod Be: Guide For Long And Short Rods

Trolling is the most adventurous form of fishing. Trolling rods are renowned for casting the fish line from moving boats, rides, and watercraft. 

It is easy to place a fishing rods in a static position for casting. They are usually longer than the other rods, but it creates confusion about the length of the rod. 

What sizes are trolling rods available?

The length of the trolling rod is of the utmost importance and must be chosen with the highest priority. These rods are available in different sizes or lengths. It ranges from 5 to 10 feet long

The rod length specifies the angling skills required for specific conditions. If you know the exact length of the fish, you will have a great experience casting the fish in a particular environment.

What are two major lengths of trolling rods?

There are various sizes or lengths of trolling rods. However, there are two additional length types of these rods. Which are:

  1. Longer trolling rods
  2. Shorter trolling rods

1. Longer trolling rods

Longer trolling rods typically range from 7 feet to onwards. These rods are responsible for long casts and have slow action. These rods absorb the energy when the fish is hooked. It has an excellent capacity for bending and elongation. 

Casting deep down for fish from rivers or seawater is more flexible. These rods use heavy power, lures, and baits to catch the big fish. These rods work well where the accuracy of the line is not as critical. 

Otherwise, it becomes challenging to deal with longer fishing lines. If you are using longer rods for trolling inshore, the faster action is necessary to cast the smaller fish. It helps in landing the smaller fish on the surface of the water. 

You can handle a long rod on a water boat, so it is important to choose them wisely. These are very helpful in casting wider lines. Be careful when selecting because it can tangle over your motor and cause difficulty moving.

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2. Shorter trolling rods

Shorter trolling rods generally range from 5 to 6 feet 9 inches. They are responsible for short casting distances. These rods usually use medium to heavy power. Shorter rods perform well when you are using them in offshore or inshore. 

They use trolling weights or diving lures to work on flatlines. These rods are used to cast the short trolling lines on one side. This rod provided support and worked as a backbone to fight big fish species. 

It gives you the length of the line that keeps the line away from the boat’s motor. These rods are specifically designed for the inshore and offshore to deal with the bigger fish species. These are easy to control and manageable on the water boat.

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What is the length of trolling rods best for beginners?

Trolling rods are available in various length ranges, but the recommended length for beginners is 7 feet to 8 feet long. Because this length of trolling rod is comfortable to handle and manageable on boats, these rods have the best action power to cast the bigger fish species. 

These rods also use soft action to catch fish from the deep ocean. We have explained all the available lengths of the trolling rod. It now depends on the angler’s selection and the boat’s situation.  

How long is a trolling rod required to cast a catfish?

Catfish are not easy to cast. They are heavy as well as low. This fish is not shy of the line and requires a heavy or lighter line to cast. The longer trolling rods will be advantageous to anglers for catfish casting. 

The recommended length of trolling rods for catfish is 7 feet long. This rod is all-around used for fish species and would result in better performance after selection. 

Final thoughts

Trolling rods are very famous because of their unique and adventurous casting style. Fishing rods have many types and usually the length of these rods differ from each other. When you select the trolling rod, give preference to the rod length. 

In this article, we have explained all the main ranges of rod length. It also describes the main two categories of rod length: longer rods and shorter rods. You will also find functions are characteristics of these rods in this article. 

We wish you the best for your future with trolling rods and hope this study will guide you properly about the length of trolling rods.

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