How To Travel With Fishing Rods On A Plane (Transportation Security & Rules)

Every angler is fond of adventures in the natural environment and tries to explore many places. For this purpose, they must travel with their fishing rods by different means. 

Traveling with fishing rods on a plane requires some safety tips. The following tips will assist you in traveling with your fishing rods on a plane and guide you on making traveling with fishing rods possible.

These different methods will help you encase your rods and make an accurate size case for traveling on a plane

  1. The use of a fishing rod carrier bag provides the capacity to store all your fishing rods at one place. It is easy to use for travel on a plane.
  2. It mostly comes with various fishing rods, and you can also purchase them separately. They are strong and hold the fishing rods tightly
  3. The use of air bubble wrap will help protect the fishing rods from destruction while traveling on a plane. The air bubble wrap gives a bouncing effect to the fishing rods and protects them from damage. 
  4. PVA plastic bags store the fishing rods and pack them tightly. Take care of the tip-top of the fishing rod while packing in PVA plastic bags because they are sensitive and need extra care. The PVA plastic bags are strong and protect the rods from scratches. 
  5. The use of padded carrier rod cases is quite useful when travelling on a plane. The padded carrier rod case has a comfortable shoulder strap for carrying the rod. It helps the fishing rods from any harm and makes the board easy for anglers.

How to travel with fishing rods on a plane?

Traveling with heavyweight fishing rods on a plane is a difficult task. For this purpose, you must take a few precautions before traveling on a plane. 

These preventive measures are: 

  1. Packing of fishing rods for travel on a plane
  2. Carrying the fishing rods for travel on a plane

1. Packing of fishing rods for travel on a plane

The packing of fishing rods to travel on a plane is essential. It also protects the rods from damage and disaster. 

For this process, you can pack your fishing rods in different ways. Packing a fishing rod for travel on a plane is always a crucial task. 

The packing of rods for the airplane is completely different compared to the packing of rods for car traveling.

Different airlines have their own SOPs regarding this. So, one must need to consider all the aspects before packing a fishing rod for air travel.

2. Carrying the fishing rods for travel on a plane

Carrying fishing rods for travel on a plane is only possible when you meet the size limitations set by the air travel services. 

You will carry your fishing rods only when you have a certain weight on your fishing rods. 

For this purpose, you tie your fishing rods and pack them in a single box or any other fishing case. Try to keep the weight and size limitations within the given criteria. 

Before traveling, look at the carrier luggage for the security and safety of the rods. 

Some airlines charge extra for oversizing the luggage, but some will create a scene. 

So you have to carry your fishing rods accordingly. And check the airline policy regarding traveling with fishing rods before traveling on a plane.

What are the security measures needed to travel on a plane?

Anglers and professionals spend a lot of money on fishing equipment, and they know how significant it is for them. 

Fishing equipment is not dangerous and harmful but needs care, safety, and security when traveling

There is a bit of difficulty traveling on a plane with limited luggage. Because the rods are vital to your fishing activity, you must take them along on a plane

So the safety of this vital equipment is necessary. Some of the security measures for fishing rods while traveling on a plane are:

  • Prevent them from damage
  • From breakage
  • From tangles carrier
  • From secure check-in
  • From overburden, etc.

Pro Tip: If you have a quality fishing rod, it will help you a lot while traveling. Find a detail review of best travel fishing rods you can have.

What are the real hurdles to traveling by fishing rods on a plane?

Traveling on a plane is one of the fastest means of traveling anywhere globally. But it also has some hurdles, including the airline measurement criteria for luggage. 

You need to ensure the luggage size limitations are met before booking the ticket.

Ending Remarks

Traveling for fishing is necessary for professionals because they investigate different fish species and reach those areas. 

Air traveling is the fastest means of transport, and it helps save time for anglers. So, learning how to travel with fishing rods on a plane is necessary. 

Fishing rods are long and are in different parts. Traveling on a plane requires conditions, size, accuracy, and weight management. 

For this difficulty, we elaborate on some tips and methods that help you travel with fishing rods on a plane without any hurdles. 

If you meet some of the preventive measures for the packing of fishing rods, then you can easily travel with those fishing rods on a plane.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you bring a fishing rod on an airplane?

Yes, you can bring your fishing rods on airplanes. But for this transportation, you have to take a few measures and steps for safe travel. First of all, you must take care of your rods’ safety and security. And also about all the SOPs of the airlines for fishing rod transportation. 

Are fishing rods allowed on airplanes?

Some airlines allowed the fishing rods to travel along with the passengers. Otherwise, many airlines give cargo services for longer and large size fishing rods. Because most airlines decide on a standard size of packaging for travel, you must confirm the fishing rod traveling service of airplanes before booking a ticket. 

How to pack a fishing rod for an airplane?

Various methods help you to pack your fishing rods. The most common and popular method is to pack your rod in a rod tube, rod sack, or rod case. These are the most common methods to help you check and travel safely. 

Is a fishing rod case best for air travel?

Yes, a fishing rod case is best for safe travel on airplanes. The rod cases have padded walls that help to prevent your rods from damage and harm. The rod cases are portable; you can easily carry them along the flight and rod travel. Some rod cases give wheels and shoulder straps that help easy carrying and traveling. 

Can you take a fishing rod on a plane as hand luggage?

When you want to carry your fishing rods as hand luggage, you must check the airline’s limitations and their permitted luggage items. So when they allow you to carry the rods as hand luggage, you can easily pack them in a special package and carry them along with you. 

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