How To Surf Fish: A Beginner’s Guide To Surf Fishing 2022-23

Surf fishing is the basic fishing technique, but it is intimidating for beginners to learn the basic steps. It is quite interesting and enjoyable to cast surf rods on the ocean. Despite its impressive ability to catch or hit, it sometimes misses the mark. So if you are an adventurous person learning to surf fish, this article will be the best resource. In this guide you will learn how to surf fish and how to choose a perfect surf fishing rod in this surf fishing for beginners guide.

A complete guide on what fishing equipment is necessary to surf fish?

As an expert team, we provide a guide of materials or fishing equipment necessary for your surfing fishing. It would help if you were prepared accordingly, and surf fishing will be productive for you. 

By following this, you can catch a lot of fish for your plate. The list of equipment that is required for surf fishing is:

  • Surf fishing rods
  • Surf fishing reels
  • Sand spikes or rod holders for surf rods
  • Natural lures, live baits, frozen baits, or cut baits
  • A knife for cutting live baits
  • Proper storage of baits in a bucket
  • Different sharp hooks, fishing line, and terminal tackle
  • Surf fishing rigs

You can catch surf fish with this fishing equipment. Along with them, it is also recommended to bring extra surf rods and fishing lines for emergencies.

How to select the rod for surf fish?

The selection of surf fishing rods is the main thing for surfing. The surf fishing rods are longer than the other saltwater fishing rods. They almost range from 6 feet to 15 feet or above. When you select the surf rod, check various points first. 

These are:

  1. Length of the rod. The long rods are ideal for long casting and the short rods for short casting distances. Rods with longer handles use heavier baits or lures to catch big fish, whereas shorter rods hold lighter lures to catch smaller species.
  2. The action of the rod. The action refers to the frequent retrieval of the rod while casting a weighted line.
  3. Power of the rod. Power is the pressure of the rod and how easily it bends the tip of the rod.

How to surf fish?

Surf fishing becomes a tremendous fishing experience once you learn its steps. It has various steps that will make you a master of surf fishing. 

These are as follows:

  1. Prepare the surf rod for casting.
  2. Use rigs and ties the lures on hooks.
  3. Plant the sand spikes in the sand
  4. Do not overcast the line.
  5. Pulls out the rod after hitting.

1. Prepare the surf road for casting

Take two to three rods and prepare them for casting. Use a reel cover to protect the surf reel from sand particles or dust. 

You also use the towel to wipe the reel on and off. You should use one rod for small fish like kingfish and the longer rods for bigger fish like bluefish.

2. Use rigs and tie the lures on hooks

Cut the live baits and lures with the help of a knife. Use rigs and small floats to put them on hooks. Live bait imitates fish, and floats keep the baits away from other water species.

3. Plant the sand spikes in the sand

Firmly plant the sand spikes in the sand along the shoreline’s boundary. When you throw the line into the water, put the rod into the holder. The sand spikes will protect your surf reel from touching the sand. Otherwise, your reel gets ruined without a rod holder or sand spikes.

4. Do not overcast the line

Do not overcast the fishing line; try to cast the line close to the breakers. Many fish species are wandering in the wave crash. Kingfish, flounder, and spot are always present there. Therefore, do not cast the line too far.

5. Pulls out the rod after hitting

Pull the line outside when you feel the fish hit the hook. Try to pull out the rod when the waves are incoming. It helps fight the fish from the opposite position and decreases the chances of falling fish from the hook. Otherwise, it would be difficult for you to pull out the rod in rushing waves.

Tips and tricks for how to surf fish?

Surf fishing is intimidating but not as difficult as you think. We also provide some helpful tips to make it easier for you. They will help you prepare for the surf. 

Some of the surf fishing tips are:

  • Before heading to surf fishing, try to read about all the information regarding surf fishing.
  • When casting, use natural lures or live baits like shrimp, squid, and mullet. Keep them stored in a cooler or ice bag.
  • Keep an eye on the weather and atmospheric pressure.
  • Keep your fishing license along with you.
  • Try to cast the surf fish in daylight.
  • Try to present the best lure or bait to the fish.
  • Try to use the best rigs for better results.
  • Try to fix your surf rod tightly and use the rubber gloves to provide resistance to the hand or rod.
  • Try to use strong rods that help you in smooth pulling and prevent breakage.
  • Take raincoats and elastic wading belts for safety.
  • Keep your reel protected from sand, water, dust, or debris.
  • Try to maintain the casting distance for frequent action.

These tips will be helpful for beginners and will help them cast the surf fish more accurately.

What are some fish species you can catch while surf fishing?

There are a variety of choices of fish species in surf casting. You can almost find fish along the shore and at the tip of your line. The most common fish species caught by surf fishing are bass, bluefish, croaker, flounder, and smelt. 

The species of fish can vary depending on the time and location. You can catch redfish, snook, spotted sea trout, and mackerel from the gulf coast.

In some other places, you can surf fish for tarpon, ladyfish, cobia, barracuda, and jack crevalle. There are enough fish species that you can cast with the surf fishing technique from the shore.

Final Thoughts

Surf fishing is difficult but becomes an overwhelming experience after complete guidance. Learn about surf fishing, surf fishing equipment, and tips and steps on how to do surf fishing. 

You do not have to worry about this intimidating problem because we have provided a guide to help you begin surfing. And also elaborate on all the tips that prepare you for surfing. Hopefully, this guide will enable you to solve your problem of how to surf fish.