4 Ways How to Pick the Best Saltwater Fishing Rods

Understanding how to pick the best saltwater fishing rod is an example of your interest in fishing. These are the basic dimensions of choosing the saltwater fishing technique over others. 

Therefore, for this instance, you must decide the basic dynamics and purposes for selecting these rods. The saltwater fishing rods are needed to go deep seawater for bottom fishing. It is necessary to be completely aware of the saltwater fishing rods that are mandatory for saltwater fishing. Fishing is categorized into many types, and the fishing gear used for these types is not the same. Saltwater fishing is another fishing type; for this, a different fishing rod is used. If you are into saltwater fishing, you must use a saltwater fishing rod. Using freshwater fishing rods will not be suitable in saltwater fishing conditions. In this article, you will learn how to pick the best saltwater fishing rods for saltwater fishing and what to consider before purchasing.

How to Pick the Best Saltwater Fishing Rods?

Anglers and fishers should be completely aware of saltwater fishing rods because saltwater fishing would never be possible without the use of saltwater fishing rods. The fishing rods used in the saltwater are also known as inshore fishing rods. These fishing rods have interesting and precise components that make them perfect for saltwater usage. 

The saltwater fishing rods have specific features and simplified things that help you pick the best saltwater fishing rod while fishing in saltwater. These things are:

  1. Length of the saltwater fishing rod
  2. Action and power of the saltwater fishing rod
  3. Material of the saltwater fishing rod
  4. Reel of the saltwater fishing rod

1. Length of the Salt Fishing Rod

The length of the saltwater fishing rod is one of the most important things that needs consideration while purchasing the saltwater fishing rod.

The length of the saltwater fishing rod is directly proportional to the power and action of the rod. The length of the fishing rods gives the power to catch the fish, cast farther, and fight with the fish while fishing. Longer fishing rods help cast farther; the preferred length is 6 to 7 feet.

The particular length of the rod also designates every saltwater fishing rod. For example, the longer length rods cast farther, and the smaller length rods best provide rod leverage. Therefore, you must pick the perfect length rod according to your need and location. The combination rod works best in saltwater fishing with more ease and productivity. 

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2. Action and Power of the Salt Fishing Rods

The fishing rod’s action and power are also compulsory components of the saltwater fishing rod. Action refers to the fast and slow function of the fishing rod to bend along the handle, whereas power is the capacity of the rod weight, either heavy power or light power.

The action of the rod is further subdivided into various categories. 

  • Fast action rods 
  • Medium action rods 
  • Slow action rods

Fast action rods are the best for casting accuracy and large-sized fish. The slow action rods are prime in extending the casting distance and the smaller lures and baits. The medium action rods bend down the rod for more accuracy. 

The saltwater fishing rods are also categorized with the particular action and power of the rods.

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3. Material of the Saltwater fishing rod

There is a great preference for the high-quality material of the fishing rods when purchasing. Most saltwater fishing rods are made from quality material, graphite, fiberglass, and composite material.

The graphite rods are performance-oriented, stiffer, sensitive, and easily breakable while under pressure.

The fiberglass rods are heavy, powerful, tough, strong, durable, versatile, or flexible.

In saltwater fishing, sometimes the weight of the fishing rod is heavy for the anglers to deal with during fishing. It is generally known as the rounder fiberglass rod suitable for saltwater fishing.

The third material category is composite material, a combination of graphite and fiberglass. It is usually light in weight, durable, sensitive, tough and comfortable to use while fishing.

The saltwater fishing rod is also made with these materials and makes fishing easier. The rod’s material and quality play a vital role in accurate casting. So choose wisely the good manufacturing rod that gives the best result in saltwater fishing. 

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4. Power and Action of the Fishing Reel

The reel is critical to look at before purchasing saltwater fishing rods. It is divided into two speeds.

  1. The High Speed
  2. The Low Speed

The High Speed

The high-speed saltwater reels offer a gear ratio of 6:1. It is suitable for retrieving baits at breakneck speed.

The Low Speed

The low-speed saltwater reel offers a ratio of 4:1. It helps you catch big, fighting fish. Another very important aspect to look at before buying a saltwater fishing rod is the line and the capacity of the saltwater fishing reel.

Best saltwater fishing rods to pick

Saltwater fishing rods are most likely to be just like the other ones, but they have special properties and features for saltwater fish. Some of the saltwater fishing rods are the

  • Saltwater Trolling Rod
  • Jigging Rods and Reels

These two essential saltwater fishing rods are examples of picking the best saltwater fishing rods at once. These fishing rods will have all the features you need.

A few things that need consideration, such as knowing the right product for use, will make you experienced and expert.

Thus, knowing a few things about saltwater fishing rods can help you select the appropriate rod. Saltwater fishing rods are always anti-resistant and corrosion-free as the characteristic of the fishing rod is determined by the material and quality of the rod.

The saltwater fishing reels are manufactured with materials that prevent corrosion, mud, and dust. So pick the best saltwater bottom fishing rods for your saltwater bodies and new fishing style. 


Fishing rods are different and depend upon the fish species you will catch. Saltwater fishing is a type of fishing that requires a saltwater fishing rod. To pick the best saltwater fishing rod, it has a few things that make you like it.

Some of these things include the length, speed, action, power, saltwater fishing reel, and material of the saltwater fishing rod. Once you know about these things, it will be easy to purchase, pick and understand saltwater fishing rods.

Saltwater fishing rods are famous because of people’s experience and expert opinions, but you must be aware of them personally. We hope this article will help you decide how to pick the best saltwater fishing rod.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best fishing rod brands for saltwater fishing?

Numerous fishing rod brands offer you the best saltwater fishing rods. Based on our experience, we disclose some of the best rod brands names, and these are:
Ugly Stik and many more others. 

Which saltwater fishing rods are best for beginners?

Multiple things make saltwater fishing rods best for beginners. These fundamental components of the rod include power, action, length, and material. The accurate length of the saltwater fishing rod for beginners is 7 feet to 10 feet. The medium action and heavy power are more suitable for beginners. 

What are the best saltwater fishing accessories?

The saltwater fishing rod needs all the standard accessories that a good fishing rod requires for the best casting. The essential saltwater fishing accessories are:
Saltwater fishing rod or pole
Saltwater fishing reel
Lures, baits
Fishing line
Braid Scissors
Basic tool kit
Grippers and other kit accessories.

What size rod is best for saltwater fishing?

The recommended size of the saltwater fishing rod for bottom fishing is 12 to 15 feet long. When these size rods combine with the reels and heavier lines, it gives tremendous fishing results in saltwater casting. These rods also collaborate with spinning reels and give productive results. 

What type of rod material is best for saltwater fishing?

The saltwater fishing rods use the high quality material for rod manufacturing. Fiberglass is the top class material because the rods made of this material are strong, flexible, and powerful. These rods provide durability to rods and enhance saltwater fishing accuracy or productivity.

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