How To Hold A Spinning Rod (7 Steps To Perfection)

Spinning rods are the most famous fishing rods. A spinning rod is quite simple, but holding it correctly and accurately impacts fishing. 

As a result of correct holding, the fishing potential is enhanced, and your casting progresses with good results. 

In light of our experience, we have provided a few tips to help you correctly hold the spinning rod. But before that, let’s find the major parts of a fishing rod.

What are the major parts of a spinning rod?

Spinning rods are usually longer compared to other rod types. The different parts of a spinning rod have a significant role while fishing, so it is essential to understand them fully. 

Each part has its vital function in successful fishing. So here we described the details of some of the major parts of the spinning rod. 

These are:

  • Tip tap
  • Tip of the rod
  • Windings
  • Guide
  • Butt guide
  • Ferrule ( separate for male or female )
  • Butt 
  • Hook keeper
  • Reel seat
  • Handle 
  • Butt cap

After knowing the major parts of the fishing rod, it is easy for you to get the proper way to deal with these parts. It also helps you to be aware of your spinning rod properly. 

So, let’s move on to the correct way to hold a spinning rod. Because if you never get to the proper way to hold a spinning rod, you face major problems balancing the rod for your fishing.  

How to hold a spinning rod?

Various novel ways help you to hold a spinning rod correctly. Because when you hold a spinning rod correctly, it will increase your experience of casting fish. 

The proper balance and grip are necessary to hold it tightly. The proper use of a spinning rod intensifies or strengthens your ability to hold the spinning rod perfectly

For this perfect holding, we bring some experiential steps that help us in our fishing. And we hope it also teaches you the best way to hold a spinning rod. 

Some of the steps elaborated below that will help you understand the best way of holding the spinning rod are:

  1. Use your dominant hand
  2. Get a comfortable grip on the rod
  3. Choose a hand to guide a line
  4. Maintain the balance of the rod
  5. Use your elbow to reinforce the rod
  6. Set the drag
  7. Manage the bail quickly

1. Use your dominant hand

The most important and first step of holding the spinning rod is to use the most likely hand for perfect gripping of the rod. 

Using a dominant hand is the best and most proper way to hold a spinning rod. A dominant hand could be either the right hand or the left hand. 

Using your dominant hand will allow you to comfortably hold a spinning rod for longer periods. 

It does not mean that your dominant hand is your right hand if you write with your right hand. First, figure out which hand is your dominant, and you will feel comfortable while holding the spinning rod.

2. Get a comfortable grip on the rod

After determining the dominant hand for holding the spinning rod, the next step is to make a comfortable and easy grip on the rod. 

It is necessary to have a comfortable grip on the hand when holding a spinning rod. For this purpose, putting your alien finger on the handle just above the reel is recommended. 

It is up to you to decide which fingers you want to put on. Because every person has different ways of holding and gripping things, either in a straight or outward position, decide your comfortable position to grip the rod. 

It helps you to grip the reel on the front and back comfortably. It plays an important role in providing comfort to the hand. If you put more fingers on the connection of the rod, then it gives you a strong grip on the handle

This finger placement connects with the spool, and you can comfortably clinch the line while casting

You can comfortably grip the spinning rod through repeated fingers or trial and error. You can put your index finger above the fishing rod for stability. 

It will help you hold the rod more efficiently. The whole griping is based on your comfortable handling, and you can easily grip the rod. 

3. Choose a hand to guide a line

When you hold your spinning rod perfectly and comfortably, you must choose and use your hand to guide a line

We recommend you use the dominant hand to hold the rod, and the other hand would help guide the line. You must release the bailing line by opening the bail and locks when closing the bail.

Therefore, use your hand to guide a line while holding the rod. This will make it easier for you to manage the rod and bail together. When you target the lure, return your hand to the normal position and repeat the process for another strike. 

The opening and closing of the bail are important. Therefore, you have to carefully choose the hand to guide the line and the exact bail process. 

4. Maintain the balance of the rod

The rod’s balance is the most vital energy taken a step in holding the spinning rod. Because the proper balance helps keep the hands relaxed, for this step, you must maintain the rod’s balance. 

Every spinning rod has a particular weight that weighs like it is heavier from the handle and becomes lighter towards the rod’s tip. 

Every spinning rod is manufactured with a balancing point where you can easily balance the rod. The balancing point is not in the middle, so you must maintain the balance according to your rod weight.

Otherwise, your hand will be tired, you also miss your lure, and the rod will be imbalanced or drop off

So the proper way to maintain the balance of the spinning rod allows you to cast at a farther distance with successful representations.

5. Use your elbow to reinforce the rod

The other important step in holding the spinning rod is to use your elbow for perfect results. You can easily use your elbow to reinforce the rod

It gives you a significant advantage in holding the spinning rod. For this step, you must put the spinning rod’s bottom against the elbow. The elbow gives support to your rod while releasing the bait. 

It provides control and stability to your rod. It also helps sustain the rod’s position and reinforces the back of the rod. Using your elbow works as a helping gadget in balancing the rod. 

So carefully take advantage of the elbow and reinforce the rod for successful casting. It is a simple step requiring a little effort to balance the rod properly during fishing.

6. Set the drag

The most important step of the perfect way to hold a spinning rod is to set the drag system. The drag can be properly adjusted if the spinning rod is perfectly positioned. 

Therefore the balancing and the holding position matter greatly in gripping the spinning rod tightly. It helps in casting the reel and line properly. A loose set of drag will not cast a sharp line. 

So, the proper holding of the spinning rod allows the drag to release at the right time. It will apply pressure on the line, affecting the rod’s holding. So you have to set the drag correctly and perfectly. 

Otherwise, the loose drag and the loose line will create many problems during fishing. And tangles the line many times, which greatly impacts the extension of perfect lines or casting. 

7. Manage the bail quickly

After completing all the holding and balancing steps of the spinning rod, it’s time to manage the bail for perfect casting. 

You have to manage the bail quickly to hold a spinning rod better. For this purpose, you need to open the bail quickly, which will cause the line to fly automatically. It is also necessary to close the bail after releasing the line

So you can manage the bail with the other hand. It will help you control the bail manually or flip the bail closed. 

The exact position of holding the rod will allow you to hold the line or manage the bail correctly. Therefore all steps are necessary to follow for better hold the spinning rod. 


Anglers are most likely to use a spinning rod, but few know how to hold it correctly. This article highlights some of the major steps to teach you how to hold a spinning rod. 

As we need balance in all matters of life, the perfect gripping and holding of a spinning rod are also needed. It helps you make easy fishing attempts and comfortably handle the rod. 

Because the proper holding of the spinning rod balances your cast and line, it helps you manage the rod perfectly and more efficiently. It also helps you increase your fishing productivity. 

We hope this information will help you fully understand how to handle the spinning rod for better results and show you the proper way to hold a spinning rod. 

These steps will help you perfectly hold the spinning rod and easily enjoy fishing with little effort. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to grip the spinning rod to balance?

Every spinning rod has a balancing point. It is manufactured with a heavy handle and a lighter tip. So the spinning rod doesn’t need a balancing point at the center. You have to balance it according to your grip style. 

How do you fish with a spinning rod?

You can easily fish with a spinning rod when you can perfectly hold it. Because holding a spinning rod relates to the rod’s balance and maintains the accurate casting position. Therefore you have to practice holding a spinning rod for better fishing. 

How should a spinning rod be held?

You can comfortably handle the rod by placing your alien fingers on it. The positioning of fingers on the rod helps tightly grip the rod and makes a perfect hold for smooth casting. 

Is the choice of the dominant hand to hold a spinning rod necessary?

Yes, it is mandatory because you are the one who knows your working hand perfectly. Choosing your dominant hand for holding a spinning rod helps you in comfortable fishing and produces productive results tirelessly. You can easily balance the rod and quickly operate the rod. 

Is spinning fishing for beginners impactful?

Spinning fishing is versatile and optimal. It is an easy technique for beginners and gives impactful results to beginners. Therefore spinning fishing is a highly effective way to throw the lures far distances. 

How can a beginner manage the bail quickly?

To manage a bail quickly, you have to choose your dominant hand for balancing and grip on the rod. Once you grip the rod, you can easily open and close the bail manually. You can easily flip the bail and release the line for smooth casting. 

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