How To Choose A Trolling Rod: 6 Points Checklist

As with the other fishing rods, trolling rods also significantly impact fishing. Trolling is a different and unique fishing style. It requires proper attention while trolling from the boat or ship.

Sometimes it is difficult to pick a rod which will work fine with your fishing style. After doing deep research, team fishingarc has made a 6 points checklist. This checklist will help you learn how to choose a trolling rod. Let’s jump to it.

How to choose a trolling rod?

Trolling rods have many features that make them suitable for trolls. If you are unaware of these specifications, choosing the best rod for trolling becomes a bit difficult.

Having complete knowledge, experience, and knowing certain points will assist anglers in choosing the right trolling rod for their desired fish.

These are as follows:

  1. Size of the trolling rod
  2. Material and weight of the trolling rod
  3. The action of the trolling rod
  4. Power of the trolling rod
  5. Rod guides of the trolling rod
  6. Grip and butt of the trolling rod

These are some key consideration points that make a trolling rod suitable for trolling fish. And it also helps you select the best trolling rod.

1. Size or length of the trolling rod

Choosing a trolling rod is largely determined by its size or length. They are usually longer and cast long distances. They are available from 5 feet 5 inches to 10 feet

You can select any size rod according to the specific conditions of fishing and your angling skills. The available lengths of the trolling rods are:

  1. Shorter rods
  2. Longer rods

1.1 Shorter rods

These rods are shorter, estimated at 6 feet or under 6 feet. It is the perfect length for casting a short distance and giving an accurate cast.

1.2 Longer rods

Longer rods usually range from 7 feet or above. This length of the rod is perfect for casting far distances. They are considered the best for trolling through a moving boat.

2. Material and weight of the trolling rod

Material is the most critical point in the manufacturing of trolling rods. Trolling rod quality fully depends on its material. Two types of material are quite famous for the construction of trolling rods.

Fiberglass and carbon are the quality materials that give rods their stiffness, versatility, and strength. Then these rods can catch bigger fish and fight with fish.

3. The action of the trolling rod

The trolling action is also important to check before choosing the rod. You can measure the activity of the rod by the bending capacity of the rod. It means how far or down the rod will bend for casting the fish. 

The action of a trolling rod is also categorized into the following:

3.1 Extra fast action rods

These action rods are best for throwing light lures and casting small fish species.

3.2 Moderate action rods

These action rods help cast medium to larger fish from offshore and inshore.

3.3 Slow action rods 

These action rods are ideal for casting downriggers or deep down the water to imitate fish species.

4. Power of the trolling rod

The power of the trolling rod plays a vital role in handling the pressure before bending. The rod’s power to handle fighting situations is another factor to consider before choosing the rod. 

The power of a troll fishing rod has three main standards. Which are:

4.1 Light power rods 

This power rod is best when trolling in a moving boat and provides constant pressure on the rod.

4.2 Medium power rods

Medium power rods are best for targeting nearshore or offshore fish species.

4.3 High power rods

This power rod is used to cast nearshore or offshore fish and drag large fish species.

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5. Rod guides of the trolling rod

Trolling rod guides measure friction on the line. Using roller guides for trolling rods is smart because they help reduce friction. It helps pull hooked fish smoothly after applying pressure to the line and guide.

6. Grip and butt of the trolling rod

When choosing a trolling rod, consider the grip and butt of the rod. The grip and butt make it easy to operate the reel.

It bends the handle and bends the butt for casting. You can handle the fighting situation of catching the larger fish with the handle since it absorbs the pressure.

What are the best trolling rods famous for?

Trolling rods are famous for using the trolling technique. The rod holders on the boat handle these rods and an angler can cast from moving water or from behind it. Casting more than two lines baited and drawn through the water is easier with them.

The lures and lines move along with the boat’s speed. These rods are stiffer, longer, and more flexible. They work perfect for trolling fish in running water.

Ending Remarks

Trolling fishing is an adventurous activity and creates fun while trolling from the boat. It is an expensive hobby, so anglers should focus on choosing the best tool for themselves. 

If you do not know the rod’s specifications, buying expensive fishing rods will not benefit you. This article will help you choose the best trolling rod for inshore and offshore fishing

We have defined all the trolling rod’s key components that must be considered before choosing a trolling rod. 

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