How To Choose A Surf Fishing Rod (4 Key Considerations)

Choosing the right surf fishing rod can be daunting, but there are a few things to remember. Some key things to consider are the length, type and size of the reel, weight, line and other parts. So, always choose a rod that is comfortable to hold and works fine. In this guide you will learn how to choose a surf fishing rod and what are the main considerations. Let’s start learning!

How to choose a surf fishing rod?

A surf fishing rod can have a lot of components. These components improve the quality of a surf rod and make it more reliable. Additionally, these components assist the angler in casting more efficiently. Surfing rods are usually heavier than spinning rods or fly rods. 

Some essential things that are necessary to consider before choosing the best rod are as follows:

  • The surf rod
  • The use of a surf reel
  • The fishing line
  • Target fish species
  • One-piece or 2 pieces rod
  • Price of the rod

These are the main things an angler must consider before buying a surf fishing rod.

What parts and features of a surf fishing rod need consideration?

The surf fishing rods are specially designed and different from other fishing rods. They are designed better to handle weather conditions, saltwater environment and wind pressure. 

Surf rods only perform well when all of their parts are assembled properly. These are elaborated as follows:

  1. Surf rod length
  2. Spinning or conventional reel for a surf rod
  3. The action of the rod
  4. Power of the rod 

1. Surf rod length

The surf fishing rods are typically longer. The minimum length of the surf rod is 6 feet, and the maximum is 15 feet. The length is an essential feature of the surf rod. It is subdivided into two main lengths.

1.1 The longer surf rods

Longer surf rods are best for casting long distances and are famous for catching big species.

1.2 The shorter surf rods 

The shorter surf rods are best for casting short distances and giving you leverage to fish for large fish species. 

These two lengths of the rod will help you in casting the further and nearer distances. So choose the best length of rod for your targeted fish species. 

2. Spinning or conventional reel for a surf rod

The surf reel for surf fishing rods is another important feature. Because without a reel, the rod will not function properly. The line will not be cast correctly and throws the bait or lure for casting fish. 

So, selecting reels from various fishing reels is another important thing. The surf rods use two of the most quality reels. That is:

2.1 The spinning reels

The spinning reels are easy to cast and work for almost all fish species.

2.2 The conventional reels

From the shoreline, conventional reels are best for catching fish. It all depends on the type of fish you select and the rod you choose that provides you with the option to be equipped with a rod of your choice. 

3. The action of the rod

The rod’s action is another important feature to consider before choosing a surf rod. The rod’s action will tell you how much the surf rod will bend after putting pressure on the tip. 

It helps cast your bait or lure further out and helps pull back the line. The action of the rod is also categorized into 3 various types. These are:

3.1 Fast action rods

Fast action rods are responsible for precise casting. They provide sensitivity to the rod and help in casting the far distance.

3.2 Medium action rods

Medium action rods also assist in casting further distances. They provide control over the rod and help in increasing the sensitivity level.

3.3 Slow action rods

The slow action rods worked in the calm conditions and provided extra energy to cast the baits further outIn addition, they helped hold the lure or bait better and cast farther distances.

Check the rod’s action and choose a rod suitable to the place and fish you want to catch.  

4. Power of the rod

The power of the surf rod is also known as the weight of the rod. The power of a rod refers to the energy that helps bend the rod. It is also needed to check before you choose the rod for your casting. 

The power depends on the weight of the lure and baits you plan to cast. The power of the rod is also divided into various categories. 

These are:

4.1 Light power rods

Light power rods use light lures or weighted lures to cast fish. They are only a little bend from the tip.

4.2 Medium power rods

Medium power rods use lightweight or heavyweight lures and bend almost 50 % of the rod.

4.3 Medium-heavy rods

Medium-heavy rods are best for catching big fish and fighting with fish. They use heavy baits and lures to target the species you want.

4.4 Heavy power rods

Heavy power rods use baits and lures and bend the rod from very near the handle. They present heavy bait to the fish species.

4.5 Extra-heavy rods

Extra-heavy rods use the heavy weight to target the larger fish species.

What material is used in surf rod making?

Surf fishing is an exciting form of fishing. These rods are made of quality material. Thus, it is important to choose the best-quality rods because, with the right material, the rods can handle both large and small fish species. 

The best category of rod material is divided into two main kinds.

1. The graphite rods

The graphite material provides stiffness and sensitivity to rods. These rods are expensive, but we prefer to cast the surf fish.

2. The fiberglass rods

The fiberglass material provides flexibility, strength and versatility to the rods. These rods are less expensive than those made of graphite. 

Both materials make composite rods that are also good for surf fishing. Nevertheless, choose your fishing rod based on the type of fish you intend to catch and check your rod’s material before buying it. 

Final verdicts

Surf fishing rods are designed according to the fish species, weather conditions, and casting in the ocean with high tides and waves. These rods are constructed with high-quality materials and are available in different specifications. These rods have various specifications that help in casting better fish. These features and other things are very clearly defined in this article. After knowing about the rod’s material components and features, you will become an educated person in dealing with the best surf rod. And you can choose the best surf fishing rod for your targeted fish species.