How To Catch Pike On A Fly Rod: Pike Fly Fishing Basics 2022 Guide

Fly fishing is one of the most popular fishing activity among anglers. Modern day fly fishing is quite different from where it started. Modern day technology help us to add many gadget and tools to make it more enjoying. There are a lot of fish that we can catch using a fly rod but some of the fishes have more popularity. In this guide, you will learn how to catch pike on a fly rod. Let’s start it from here.

Is it different to catch pike on a fly rod?

The pikes are one of the strongest fish species found in freshwater. These are known as freshwater sharks, but you can attract them with the help of giant flies. In freshwater, they dominate as top predators in rivers, lakes, ponds, and streams.

The fish lives in shallow water, and barbless hooks are used to catch pike on a fly rod. These are more aggressive, sturdy, and incredible fish species that need an electrifying experience to catch them.

As a result of their keen vision, they are aware of the traps, observe the signals and sometimes lie to lures and wait for action. They are apex and ambush predators that need proper flies to feed and the right fly rod to retrieve.

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How to catch pike on a fly rod?

As pike is a freshwater shark, it is difficult and tricky to imitate via a fly rod. The big or giant flies are helpful in this purpose, but they are fiercely strong to catch. 

So, you must concentrate fully on the boat’s surroundings to catch pike on a fly rod. They are slick and bang around the water boats. As such, observe the pike and prepare to feed them. 

Some of the prime steps are necessary to secure a pike. And these steps are:

  • Choose the right time to target pike
  • Feel the vibrations
  • Use sinkers, strikers, baits, or lures for pikes
  • Handle the fly rod comfortably
  • Catch pike with a fly rod

1. Choose the best time to target pike

The pike prefers the cool temperature of the water. They can travel deep down and live at the bottom of the water. So the morning and evening routines will help you see the pike travel along the water’s surface. Morning time is also ideal for catching steelhead using a fly fishing rod.

They have big eyes and a specific skin pattern. Their large size always surprises anglers, and you will easily spot them on the water. You should choose the right time to catch pike on a fly rod when they come to the surface. 

2. Feel the vibrations

Pikes are very active and have a remarkable sense of feel. They can sense any attempt in the water and pretend to be unaware of it. Anglers are fooled by their gentle strike sometimes. 

These species slick the boat, and you must be attentive to them. It would be best if you were an expert in feeling the presence of pikes and could retain their vibrations. 

Thus, wisely and quietly listen to the vibrations of pike, and prepare for a gentle stroke. This will help you in catching pike on a fly rod. 

3. Use sinkers, strikers, baits, or lures for pikes

The pike is a big fish and catching it makes fly fishing more interesting. They need high-calorie food to live and are always in an active state. They are used to eat topwater flies like frogs, mice, popper patterns, deer hair, rabbit fur, and lots of giant flies. 

They can be attracted by heavy sinkers and the big bite of natural or artificial lures. Artificial hair creates an illusion for the pike, which appears to be natural food. 

So pike observes them as food and attempts to eat them. As they ambush the lures, they get entangled in the sharp hooks. 

4. Handle the fly rod comfortably

The main equipment that you need to use to catch pike on a fly rod is the fly fishing rod itself. It is extremely important for you to choose a rod that will suit you angling style. Fly fishing rod comes in different sizes so look after it along with the proper weight of a rod. Ideally choose a long rod with heavy weight, a thick fly line, a good reel, and natural or artificial lures. 

Therefore, handle the fly rod comfortably when you cast the line to catch the pike. Since any sound disturbance or discomfort will never make you successful in catching pike. 

5. Catch pike with a fly rod

When you comfortably cast the line for pike. The pike will show aggression while confronting the feed. After that, the fish hooked and never found a way to depart. 

So carefully retrieve the line and restore it from the hook. Save the piece of pike in a cool container and cast another line for the next pike. 


The pike is ultimately the strongest, most aggressive, and active fish species. Casting them requires practice and it is an excellent experience if you fully understand the tips and techniques. 

The synthetic material of the fly rods and the baits or lures will help generate thrust that will cause the pike to rise to the water’s surface. We have explored many regions for pikes and disclose all our experiences in this article. 

This would enable you to catch many magnificent pikes from freshwater bodies and make you an impressive figure in catching pike on a fly rod

We hope that you will understand the whole experience of our team and all the beneficial points for your practice. So enjoy your adventure of catching pike on a fly rod more fiercely.

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