How To Catch Crappie On A Fly Rod: Learn Winning Technique in 5 Minuets

Different fishing techniques are effective depending on the orientation of the fish that you are trying to capture. The crappies patrol over the shoreline in groups and are more aggressive than other fish. Long sticks help catch the crappies. This guide will help you how to catch crappie on a fly rod. Let’s get to it.

How to catch crappie on a fly rod?

The crappie is an aggressive fish in open water. They fertilize quickly within 5 to 6 days and overpopulate small water bodies. 

Long rods of almost 12 feet are ideal for casting crappie. The most popular fish baits for crappie include live minnows and small jigs. You can catch the crappies with the use of fly rods

To fly fishing crappie, some traditional equipment for fly rods is necessary, such as:

  • The long length and weighted fly rod
  • High-quality fly line
  • A fly reel spooled
  • Good quality and a combo of fly rod and reel
  • Live minnows, small jigs, feather flies, and natural flies

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How to present fly rod and flies to crappie?

Crappies are more aggressive and active fish species. Therefore, the presentation of the fly rod is crucial if you want to make fly fish for crappie successful. The trolling method can troll the crappie and cast the fly rod along fallen trees, pads, matted grass, and dock pilings where the crappie rest and seek out haunting food. 

Then tie the natural or live minnows, jigs, and flies and drop lower in the water where the crappies are staging. It is best to present the natural or artificial lures in a more natural-looking way to trigger the crappie to bite and eat. 

You should wait 4 to 6 seconds after showing crappie the food and be patient. Gently pull back the fly rod twitch again while doing fly fishing for crappie and again twitch. 

After some twitches in open fresh water, very carefully bounce the tip of the fly rod and again present the lures and baits to the crappie. After detecting food, the crappie bites it, comes over the top of the water, and carefully catches it. 

You can also drop the fly line for crappie while patrolling over boats. The moving boats cast the fly along the shoreline and helped imitate the crappie from that area. Lift the crappie out of the water and cast another line for the next fish.

There will also be some other fishes which you can catch on a fly rod like a bluegill, carp or other fish.

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Top Hacks for catching crappie on a fly rod

Now we will tell you some hacks for catching crappie on a fly rod. These secrets have been followed for many years, but we have compiled their crux for your comfort and ease. 

Catching crappies on a fly rod will be much easier with these tips. If you follow these tips carefully, you will have a great time fly fishing crappie.

Some additional hacks to attract crappie to your dock in less time are as follows:

  1. First, check the best time to catch crappie.
  2. Select the location or city where you want to catch crappie.
  3. Find open water or freshwater bodies where crappies are thriving.
  4. Prepare the fly rod and other fly equipment for crappie.
  5. Take preventive measures against crappie.
  6. Find the location of the crappie in the water before casting a fly rod.
  7. Locate the crappies alongside pads, matted grass, fallen trees, and Cypress’s knees.
  8. Choose the right fly rod technique to catch crappie.
  9. Crappies are easiest to catch if you bring the best food.
  10. Make the first cast best for crappie and retrieve the line for them.
  11. For better results, strip the fly line through guides.

Ending Note

Anglers and fishers know how important it is to fish crappie on a fly rod. For newcomers or beginners, it is always a dramatic question of how they can catch crappies using long fly rods. 

As a result, this article will describe the major traditional aspects you need to know to catch crappies with a fly rod. If you implement these points, you will receive an abundance of crappie from your open water. 

So we wish you the best of luck with your new adventure of catching crappies on a fly rod, and we believe you will succeed after these implications. 

Is crappie a bass?

Crappie and bass are two different fish species but belong to same family. They are quite similar to each other so that a lot of people think whether both are same fish. Meanwhile you can learn more about bass and how to catch it using a fly fishing rod in this guide.

Are crappie easy to catch?

Catching crappie from the shore is a bit tough because they normally don’t come near shores. If you managed to find a place where water is not running normal (like a fallen tree) you may get a good chance to catch crappie.

Are crappie fun to catch?

Yes. Crappie is fun to catch and specially with a fly fishing rod. They process of finding a suitable location to cast for crappie fish is fun and enjoyable.

When is the best time to catch crappie?

Spring spawning season is the best time of the year to catch crappie. Although you can catch crappie whole year but in spring spawning season, crappie can easily be located in shallow water. It becomes easy for an angler to notice them in shallow water and catch them from here.

Is crappie and tilapia same?

No, crappie and tilapia are not same and both are different fish. Although the process for catching tilapia on a fly fishing rod is quite similar to catching crappie.