What Is The Difference Between Fishing Rod And Fishing Pole?

Fishing is an activity that makes a tremendous change in your concentration and reduces stress. There is a pleasure in catching a fish in big water resources

The sport of fishing improves your health and encourages you to meet friends and family members pleasantly.

Many anglers think that the fishing rod and pole are the same. But the truth is that the terms “fishing rod and fishing pole” differ. 

Anyhow, some professional anglers and fishermen know about the value of fishing rods and fishing poles. They also have complete knowledge of the fishing rod and fishing pole, but beginners need a proper guide which this article will convey. 

This article will allow you to understand the difference between a fishing rod and a fishing pole. We try our best to disclose the significant differences between rod and pole.

And it will genuinely help you in understanding them because fishing has been around since ancient times. 

It is the easiest outdoor activity, and you only need a few fishing equipment that makes your fishing pleasurable. 

Therefore, we share a few technical differences between pole and rod, and you can enjoy catching the fish.

What is a fishing pole?

In the past, fishing poles were the most appropriate choice and were convenient for anglers. They are less expensive and have a fixed system.

They are long and have a simple system attaching the fishing line to the tube. Its limited functions make it easy to prepare the rigs at home.

The fishing pole is divided into various sections but can reach a maximum length of 16 meters on average. The fishing pole used no fishing reel and had no guides to feed the line to the tip.

A fishing pole is connected directly to the line with the help of a piece of elastic. Another helpful thing about the fishing pole is that you can use the fishing pole if you want to maintain a distance from a fish. It helps in catching fish from a distance.

Material of fishing pole

The first difference between the fishing rod and pole is the manufacturing material of the fishing pole. The fishing pole is usually made of natural materials. 

For example, wood, bamboo, reed, and cane are the best materials. Therefore they are available at low prices. 

Types of fishing pole

The fishing pole type is the primary reason we want to explain the difference between rod and pole. And yes, the fishing poles also come in different styles. 

The two major types of the fishing pole that are most commonly present in fisherman’s discussion are: 

  • Freshwater fishing pole
  • Saltwater fishing pole

Freshwater fishing pole

The freshwater fishing pole works best for catching freshwater fish species. They are made of natural materials of cane and wood. 

The best feature of a freshwater fishing pole is that it helps the anglers to open and close the pole during fishing.

You can efficiently perform fly fishing with a fishing pole and catch crappie, catfish, and lightweight fish species. 

Saltwater fishing pole

Saltwater fishing poles work best in saltwater bodies, particularly seas, oceans, and surf areas. It performs excellently in catching saltwater fish species. 

It especially catches salmon, bass, and angelfish. This fishing pole has a significant thing that needs control, and it is the weight of the fish. 

So when you decide to go for saltwater fishing you have to choose the appropriate fishing pole for heavy weight fish species. 

However, the natural wood material of the pole makes it stronger and more durable for saltwater fishing. 

What are Fishing Rods?

The fishing rods are the most advanced and full of functions. They are modern tools designed for better fishing performance and winning competitions. 

The fishing rod is a long, thin body that helps catch fish from the water. It uses a fishing reel, line guides, and handle grips to catch fish.

Many professionals and anglers’ preferred choice is a fishing rod because it provides convenience while fishing. Fishing rods are a little bit expensive and have a high level of durability.

The fishing rods have proper gears that work perfectly with a wide range of lines, lures, and baits. Fishing rods and their advanced features help you catch specific fish species.

Various fishing rods are categorized according to the type of fish and the type of water for saltwater fish and freshwater fish. The use of a fishing rod needs proper guidelines, and it helps make fishing successful.

The fishing pole and fishing rod are important for fishing, but some differences make the fishing rod or fishing pole clearer.

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Material of fishing rods

The fishing rods are manufactured with the most advanced and conventional material. The highly performed fishing rods are made with graphite, fiberglass, composite material, or Kevlar. 

This material composition made the fishing rods more productive, durable, and flexible for fishing activity. 

It helps in enhancing the fishing performance and comfortable catching of fish. Therefore the fishing rod material is different from the fishing pole and creates a difference between them. 

Types of fishing rods

Modern technologies introduced various fishing rods that work better for different fishing techniques. 

Some of the basic types of fishing rods are:

  • Spinning rods
  • Casting rods
  • Trolling rods
  • Ice fishing rods
  • Fly fishing rods
  • Telescopic rods
  • Surf fishing rods

If you want to know the details of these fishing rods, then you must visit our “7 main types of fishing rods”. These rods show a major difference in fishing rod performance in comparison to fishing poles.

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Differentiate between the fishing pole and fishing rod.

Fishing PoleFishing Rod
The fishing pole is used for simple fishing.The fishing rod is used for complex fishing and different species of fish.
Extremely easy to use.Needs proper guide to use.
It is simple in process.It has a high learning curve.
Contain minimum features.Has various additional features.
It has minute components.It has abundant components.
A simple device having no chances of malfunctioning.An advanced tool and has chances of technical problems.
Less durable.Has a high level of durability.
Has short casting distance.It has long casting distance.
It only catches simple fish and not for every fish species.Advanced and catches almost all fish species.
Uses no reel, lure and bait.It has an appropriate line guide, lure, handle grip and baits.
Less expensive.More expensive.
It is convenient to everyone. Even make rigs at home.It needs proper guidelines before purchasing and assembling the rod.

fishing pole vs fishing rod table


This article has a complete review of the difference between the fishing pole and the fishing rod

The fishing pole uses a simple device that cannot catch every fish species, whereas the fishing rod is an advanced tool with full technology and can catch most fish species.

We also elaborate on the fundamental differences in material, types, composition, and performance of fishing rods or poles. 

Becoming aware of these differences must help you deal with the rod or pole very efficiently. 

Many anglers demand the fishing rod because of its various functions and additional features. We hope you liked this article!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pole or a rod measurement?

The pole or rod measurement measures the total length of a rod or pole. It is measured in terms of “feet” instead of “meters or yards” because the measurement in feet is the easiest pattern for antlers to select the rod or pole according to their requirement. 

What is a measuring rod called?

A rod or pole is measured with the “ruler.” It is a type of measuring stick that helps measure the fishing rod’s or pole’s physical lengths and sizes. It gives the standard length and measurements of the rod or pole with full accuracy. 

Which one should I use? A pole or a rod?

Fishing rods have the most innovative technology and advanced features. They are most common among young and beginners. But the fishing pole is an ancient tool that our ancestors used. So some anglers use it for the best experience of fishing. Therefore, the rod or pole has specific properties that help you be comfortable casting. So choose it wisely for your better use. 

Which one, a fishing pole or a fishing rod, is cheaper for beginners?

Usually, fishing poles are made of natural wood, bamboo, reed, and cane. They are cheaper as compared to fishing rods. But some of the fishing rod brands offer very flexible deals for beginners. They offer many innovative features rods at affordable prices. 

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