How to Choose a Fishing Rod for Beginners?

Fishing is a pleasure activity that keeps the stress away. Professionals or fishermen know everything about the purchasing and setup of fishing rods, but beginners lack this information. 

They are more curious to learn about the sport and the benefits of correct choices. For this setup, it is necessary to have fishing rods and other related equipment for fishing activities. 

Experts and anglers are familiar with fishing rods, but beginners find it difficult to choose a fishing rod. Therefore we acknowledge the problem and try to educate beginners about the basic fishing rod with our influential experiences. 

If you are starting and want to purchase a fishing rod, you must understand the different fishing rods used for different types of fishing.

The selection of fishing rods for beginners is challenging because a variety of fishing brands have fishing rods of different sizes, colors, and materials. 

If you are also facing the same issue, this article will help you to choose a fishing rod and is the best guide for beginners.

What are the basic things that a beginner must know?

Purchasing any quality product requires proper knowledge. Fishing is the most exciting activity among adults and children. 

When a child or elder shows an interest in fishing, the first thing that comes to mind is to purchase a fishing rod. Fishing rods could confuse beginners on which one is suitable for them.

Hence, selecting a fishing rod would become a problem for the beginner. There are various fishing rods according to lures, powers, action, color, size, and fish species; for freshwater fish or saltwater fish, many different things.

Therefore, selecting fishing rods according to your needs is the most critical step in choosing fishing rods for fishing. 

So, a beginner must know some of the basic things before chasing after a fishing rod.

  1. Size of the Fishing Rod (Short or Long)
  2. Flexibility or stiffness of the fishing rod
  3. Material of the fishing rod
  4. Power and action of the fishing rod

When a beginner fully understands these basic steps, they will never be in a complex state to purchase a quality product for the best fishing experience. The detailed description and the complete information are elaborated below, which will help you understand the point. 

1. Size of the Fishing Rod (Short or Long)

The size or length matters when we are choosing a fishing rod. It has great significance when looking for the best fishing rod for your activity as a beginner. 

Fishing rods come in different sizes and are measured from the tip to the end of the handle. The most common categories of fishing rods based on their size are:

  • Short fishing rods
  • Long fishing rods

Usually, a smaller fishing rod casts a shorter distance, whereas a long fishing rod casts a longer distanceShorter fishing rods have less bending capacity, which helps catch aggressive fish.

The average length of the fishing rods ranges from 6 feet to 12 feet. In contrast, the long fishing rods have the flexibility to cast longer distances and help in catching fish from deep water. 

For beginners, it is suggested that they choose short fishing rods that help maintain balance at the beginning of fishing. 

Because the short fishing rods are easy to handle in a minimum range, once you fully acquire skills with experience, you can start fishing with long rods without difficulty.

Tip:- if you choose the size of the fishing rod according to your height, it will be productive in a firm dealing during fishing activity. 

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2. Flexibility or stiffness of the fishing rod

Flexibility or stiffness is the second and foremost step in choosing the fishing rod. Typically, fishing rods are available with a variety of features and components

Before choosing a fishing rod as a beginner is best to check strength, flexibility, or stiffness.

Let us explain to you what the flexibility or stiffness of the rod is. 

Flexible rods are considered the best rods because of their bending capacity. Each fishing rod has specific flexibility and balance that helps catch the fish. 

The stronger rods are not sensitive, resulting in breakage after a gentle strike from a fish, whereas the lighter rods are susceptible and cannot catch big fish. 

This is the significant difference between the more substantial and lightweight rods. So, choose the fishing rod according to your desire and need for the fish.

3. Material of the fishing rod

The third step of selecting the rod is checking the material or manufacturing quality. There are a lot of different types of fishing rods. Therefore quality is the most important thing before choosing a fishing rod. 

Undoubtedly, most fishing rods are built of high-quality materials, but it is also critical for the quality of fishing rod material selection. 

The most used material for rods are:

  • Graphite
  • Fiberglass
  • Composite 

Every material has its properties in the manufacturing of fishing rods. They are explained in detail to better understand the material of fishing rods, such as fiberglass, graphite, or both. 

The high quality material makes a fishing rod more durable, solid, and rigid. The graphite used in fishing rods provides rigidity and fighting power. It is sensitive and helps bite the fish easier.

On the other hand, the fiberglass used in fishing rods is sturdy, gives strength, and adds weight to the rod. It provides durability, maintenance, and balance for the beginner. 

The fiberglass rods can deal with aggressive fish species and help beginners catch bigger fish.

Another fishing rod product is constructed with composite material, a combination of graphite and fiberglass. 

Composite fishing rods are designed to combat multiple fishing conditions and provide comfort for amateurs, professionals, anglers, and fishermen alike.

Now it is all up to you which fishing equipment you need for your fishing. Different fishing rod brands offer quality rods for beginners and give them special discounts for new fishing experiences. 

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4. Power and Action of the Fishing Rod

Choosing a fishing rod is always a difficult task for beginners. Fishing rod comes in different types and features, but choosing the right fishing rod is a challenge.

One of the best options for a fishing rod selection is to check the power and action of the fishing rod.

4.1 Power of the Fishing Rod

The fishing rod’s power is the amount of force required to bend the fishing rod. It is also known as rod weight.

It has two primary classifications, which are ultra-light and ultra-heavy. The ultra-light is used for the smaller fish, and the ultra-heavy is used for the big-sized or deep-sea fish.

4.2 Action of the Fishing Rod

The action of the fishing rod is known as the rod bends along the blank. There are two major categories of action, i.e., slow and fast.

The slow action rods are more flexible and whip to the pole as they bend closer to the handle. These rods are perfect for slower baits and lighter use. Rods with fast action are rigid, and the blank only flexes at the top.

These rods are perfect for throwing heavier baits around the heavy cover. Another action category, medium action, is used for all fish species.

Tip:- You can easily measure the action and power of the rod at the time of purchase. You have to apply a little force to it. You can also check it by using the pressure of the rod towards the hard surface. 

The bending capacity tells you about the rod’s action, whereas the force required to bend the rod is the power. So this is the essential tip from which you can quickly figure out the act or management of the rod. 


Fishing is a tremendous outdoor activity that refreshes the full, busy routine. It restores the mind and develops a great interest in exploring nature, fish species, etc. 

But there is always a conflict when choosing a fishing rod for beginners. There is a wide variety of fishing rods, and selecting the prime one for fishing is confusing. 

We hope this article will help you choose a fishing rod if you are a beginner. We have explained the basics of fishing rods and the essential components of fishing rods. 

It helps you select the best fishing rod for your next fishing experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What fishing rod should I buy as a beginner?

Many fishing rod brands offer the most fantastic fishing rods for beginners. The spinning rods are often recommended for beginners for perfect fishing results. 

What size fishing rod do I need?

Fishing rods are available in different sizes, but selecting the most appropriate fishing rod requires correct measurement. The length of the rod is checked from the rod’s tip to the handle. And the appropriate size of the fishing rod is according to your height and the type of fish species you want to catch. 

Why are fishing rods flexible?

The flexibility of fishing rods plays a vital role in bending the rod. The bending capacity of the rod creates good strength while casting the rod. It always helps in making a comfortable fourth and back of the casting. 

What is the best material for a fishing rod?

The fishing rods are manufactured with good quality material. Graphite, fiberglass, and composite materials are the best categories. But each material gives unique properties to the fishing rods. These materials give durability, rigidity, strength, and flexibility to rods. So choose rods wisely. 

How do you choose rod action and power?

The fishing rods are designed with proper action and power. The rod action chart and rod power charts are readily available, explaining the light, medium, and heavy power rods for beginners. So you can quickly check the action and power of the rod according to the charts. 
There is another method of putting the rod towards the floor and checking the bending capacity of the rod. You can also check the action and power of the rod quickly. 
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