Casting Rod vs Trolling Rod: 11+ Major Differences

When you are committed to fishing, fishing rods are the primary tools. The different fish species require various fishing techniques and separate tools. This is why it is important to know what is the difference between a casting rod and a trolling rod. This article will help you differentiate casting vs trolling and you can learn more about casting rod vs trolling rod differences. Let’s start from here.

What are the major points that make the fishing rods different?

Different fish specie need different fishing rod. Some of the major points that make the fishing rods different from each other are:

  • Length of the rods
  • Casting technique of the rods
  • Fishing reels of the rods
  • The action of the rods
  • Power of the rods
  • Flexibility and versatility of the rods
  • Lures and baits of the rods
  • Water bodies for different fishing rod techniques
  • Fish species to whom you go for fishing

Casting Rod vs Trolling Rod: 11+ major differences

Casting rods and trolling fishing rods are two different types of fishing rods. Fishing rods have particular importance, functions, and intended purposes. These fishing rods have micro differences from each other. The major trolling rod vs casting rod differences are:

Casting rodsTrolling rods
Casting rods are used in freshwater, saltwater, sea, river and different water bodies.Trolling rods are casting lines in moving water or running water.
Casting rod is equipped with a baitcasting reel.Trolling fishing rod equipped with spinning reel or conventional reels.
Casting rods are lengthy and thin in structure.Troll rods are longer in length.
Casting rods are sensitive.Trolling fishing rods are strong and flexible.
They have managed a practical hook set.They used specific fishing lures for offshore and inshore fishing.
Casting rods come with a wide array of power, weight and action.Trolling rods have different action and power strength.
Casting rods cast all types of heavy and small fish species.Troll rods have limited applications of casting in moving water.
Casting rods are stiffer near the handle.Trolling fishing rods are flexible in casting lines into the water.
It can be cast by making any angle of hand. Just like overhand, underhand and side arm.Trolling rods are attached with the running boat and cast line independently in water.
Most of the time casting rods cast saltwater fish but not so long.Whereas, trolling rods cast larger fish.
Casting rods are generally used for casting the small trout, bass, panfish and crappie.Troll rods are used for big salmon and marlin.

casting rod vs trolling rod table

Is the casting rod the same as the trolling rod? 

The casting rods and trolling fishing rods are indistinguishable and have minor differences. Both rods are interchangeable, whereas the casting rods are lengthy in size and have a thin rod. You can use them for casting small fish in freshwater and saltwater.

At the same time, the troll fishing rods cast large or heavy fish. The casting rods have a different action, power, and speed than trolling fish. Therefore, casting rods have many differences from trolling fishing rods.

Trolling rod vs Casting rod: Pros and cons

There are some pros and cons of casting rod vs trolling rod. Some of them are:

  1. Troll fishing rods have multiple applications, and trolling is the downside of the rods. 
  2. The casting rods are available in various sizes, weights, power, and action.
  3. You can use a trolling rods to troll bigger fish.
  4. Casting rods are used for casting freshwater and saltwater fish. 

Final Thoughts

There are several fishing types and each has their own fishing rods. Usually, a fishing rod is designed for a specific type of fishing activity. Although you can use casting rod for trolling but it may give less accuracy. If you are preparing yourself to buy a fishing rod, it is crucial for you to pick a rod that is good in quality and performance.

Trolling rods and casting rods are different fishing rods, you will get better results if you use these rods in their specific conditions. We hope this article help you understand trolling rod vs casting rod. Meanwhile, share your own experience with us in comment sections.

Can I use Trolling rod for Casting?

Yes! You can use trolling rod for casting. Since trolling and casting are different techniques, you may lose accuracy and efficiency.

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