Can You Use A Spinning Reel On A Trolling Rod – A Magic Trick

When you become an expert at using trolling rods and other fishing rods, it creates fun and opens new adventures. Many anglers use the transitory rods for other fishing styles, but beginners face difficulty. 

This article will help you understand can you use a spinning reel on a trolling rod for trolling. 

What type of reel is used for trolling rods?

Trolling fishing rods need heavier reels with greater line capacity and higher drag pressure. The trolling reels are much larger than the heavier version of baitcasting reels. The major role of trolling reels is using a drag system and setting the drag. 

Casting the trolling rod with a high-quality reel requires two drag settings. The one is star drag, and the other is lever drag. 

1. Star drag 

The star drag of the trolling reel is used to set a specific pressure on the drag. This pressure help the drag system for maintaining the duration to fight fish. 

2. Lever drags

The lever drag of the trolling fishing rod is used to set the current level of the drag setting to adjust the pressure to fight fish. Anglers use lever drags for casting larger fish.

Fishermen or anglers use a two-speed or high-speed reel to bring the fishing line in, while a low-speed reel gives them more power to catch fish. 

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Can you use a spinning reel on a trolling rod?

We can use a spinning reel with troll rod because it helps to put pressure on the drag system and run faster down the line. The braided fishing line boost the fishing reel and its performance.

They are braided with fishing lines and can boost the fishing reel. 

The reel strengthens the line and helps troll offshore for fish species like tuna and Mahi. Therefore, trolling spinning reels are high-quality that help troll rods troll better. 

Can you use a spinning reel for deep water fishing?

The spinning and trolling reels use larger baits to cast the bigger fish. After tying the heavy lure on the line, we can use spinning reels to drag it into the moving water. The heavy lure or bait will target the fish in the deep water to a specific depth. 

You can see the big fish hooked into the lure when you pull off the line. This is how you can use the spinning reel to catch deep water or heavy fish. 

Can your spinning reel fit the trolling rod for offshore and inshore fishing?

Of course, the spinning reels are adjusted with the trolling rods in a better position than other fishing reels. It requires some effort to set the spinning reel on the trolling rod. 

But it could be productive when you carefully set the spinning reel. The spinning reel requires some of the settings for trolling, and these are:

The spinning reel is not big when we compare it to trolling reels. We can adjust a trolling reel by testing the braided lines. 

  • Make it strong by applying the almost 20 pounds drag.
  • Check the resistance of the reel or line before offshore trolling.
  • Set the roller bearing on the bail to reduce friction. Friction reduces the chances of the line slipping from the reel. 

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How is a spinning reel suitable for trolling rods?

Spinning reels are only useful when used for offshore trolling. Otherwise, it is a big challenge to equip the spinning reel with trolling rods. The spinning reel is suitable for trolling rods only due to the heavy barricaded lines, gear system, drag settings and strong line capacity. 

The strong lines help cast the heavier offshore fish and prevent gear from breaking. Although it is difficult to set the spinning reel on the trolling rod, it will help anglers when casting or trolling. 

Ending Remarks

Fishing styles and fishing rods are tailored for their fish species. Nonetheless, the experience of fishing will enable you to make improvements to fishing rods and reels

After doing a few settings or modifications, you can set the spinning reel on the trolling rod and troll for fish. In this article, we have elaborated on our experience using the spinning reel on a trolling rod. 

It requires only a few modifications to the line, drag setting, guides and gear system. After these changes, you can use a spinning rod on your trolling rod.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you troll with a spinning reel?

Yes! you can troll with a spinning reel because it helps to put pressure on the drag system and run faster down the line. The braided fishing line boost your experience of trolling with a spinning reel.

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