What Is The Best Rod Length For Surf Fishing (Surf Rod Length Guide)

Anglers, fishers, and beginners rely on fishing rods for potential performance. For this purpose, the height of the angler and the length of the fishing rods are connected. To understand this connection, the anglers always confuse selecting the best rod length for accurate fishing. In this article, you will get useful information regarding best rod length for surf fishing, which will give you the best understanding of the rod length. 

What is the best rod length for surf fishing?

Surf fishing rods have a variety of different lengths. According to body posture, the length of the rod is extremely important. The length is considered from the tip of the rod to the butt of the rod. They categorically range from 6 feet to up to 18 feet long. 

We have categorized surf fishing rods into three main ranges for your convenience.  

  1. The long surf fishing rods
  2. The medium surf fishing rods 
  3. The short surf fishing rods

The best fishing rod for surf fishing depends on the target where you want to cast the line. The primary purpose of selecting the rod length is to reach the destined target where fish bite the lure. 

The following three main ranges of rod length are elaborated individually and will help you choose the best rod length for your surf fishing.

1. Long surf fishing rods

The long surf fishing rods range from 12 feet to up to 18 feet long. This length rod gives the potential energy to cast the long distance. It can easily cast the line from 50 to 150 yards far. 

The long surf rods have some particular points for better use, and these are:

  1. These rods provide the energy to flex more quickly.
  2. The line will be able to reach the target in a few seconds by the long rods.
  3. It creates more energy and power while fighting with big fish.
  4. Longer rods give more leverage to free the line and retrieve the tackle.
  5. Long surf rods help to avoid obstacles when retrieving the lures. It helps in maintaining the sensitivity of the fishing line to avoid interference.
  6. Long surf rods are progressive and help in intense fighting with big fish. They pulled out the big fish species to the shoreline.
  7. Long surf rods have long handles. When exerting pressure on the rod, it helps fight with fish and provides great control to catch the fish.
  8. These rods have adjustable power and increase the lure speed while casting.
  9. These rods are capable of casting faster and longer distances.

2. Medium surf fishing rods

The medium surf fishing rods range from 9 feet to 12 feet long. They are perfect for all surf conditions. You can cast long-distance fish from them. 

They used heavy lures and weight, giving the maximum capacity to throw the line to the target. These length rods help cast the optimal solutions and accurately cast the fishing line. 

Despite all weather conditions, it works very well. This is considered the all-round length and prevents you from fatigue from fishing.

3. Short surf fishing rods

The short surf fishing rods are described in the ranges of 6 feet to 8 feet 6 inches. It is considered the minimal length of the surf rods. These rods are best for casting short distances. 

These short rods help deploy the lures and baits to a targeted point where we want to cast. They help in catching small fish to medium-sized fish species. 

Some of the key points of short surf fishing rods are described as follows:

  1. Short rods are more manageable and help effectively casting in the surfing weather.
  2. Short rods are limited in casting the distance.
  3. They help in casting faster and away from the shore.
  4. They help change the lures or baits more quickly and fasten the action.
  5. They provide less power and control while casting. Otherwise, it enhances the ability to fight with large fish.
  6. The short casting rods compensate for the casting distance using heavy lures and weight.
  7. The use of more heavy lures also discourages the energy and power of the rod from reaching the target.

What is the best rod length for surf fishing for beginners?

There is always confusion in selecting the rod length for beginners and non-experienced fishers. In this article, we have presented you with different ranges of rod lengths. 

The best-recommended length for beginners is the short-length rods. These rods provide power and control over the rod or fishing line. This length is easy to tackle and retrieve more frequently. The short length makes the cast small, but for beginners, it is best. 

The practice will make the anglers deep down the lures and hook the fish species. It is quite comfortable for them and helps in enjoy the surf fishing over the waves.

Are long surf rods suitable for everyone?

Although the longer surf rods are best for surf fishing, they are not suitable for every person or angler. The angler’s height has a significant impact in considering the length of the rod. 

The body stature allows you to comfortably handle the short rods or even long rog rods. But the longer surf rods are considered ideal for surf fishing.   


This article has summed up the possible fishing rod length for beginners and professionals. Every rod length has specific capabilities to work in surf fishing conditions. 

These are individually defined and elaborate the surf fishing completely. The different rod length ranges will help you choose the best length for surf fishing. 

You will be capable of selecting the precise length and ideal length for the fishing. We hope this article will help you specify the best rod length for surfing.